The Raven Poem:

This Special is dedicated to the heart of this site: the White Raven. The White Raven investigates the mix of ‘paranormal’ and paranormal fraud, the White Raven does truth-finding, the White Raven is the Middelman, the skeptic who stands between two poles, not the gullible softie, but also not the pseudo-skeptic who rejects anything that is not directly material or not already scientifically explored territory. The White Raven carefully searches his way into the meanders of the real depth of this and beyond this world.

The background theme of this site, after the mysterious lady with the hoodie on the beach, has been the mystical atmosphere of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” for some time now. I have something to add to this bestselling poem in 2022. The raven in Poe’s poem represents the melancholy, the main character of the poem has lost his beloved Lenore to Master Death and is broken forever. All hope for a good future is lost. The black raven just says “Nevermore” every time the main character of the poem begs the uninvited guest for a glimmer of hope. Poe was allowed to experience his own fame during his physical life and immediately after the publication of this poem. Children in the street ran after him, frantically, imitating a flying raven and exclaiming in delight, “Nevermore!”

The poem nestled worldwide, and the intelligent black raven also nestled as a symbol, often unjustly as a messenger of dark omens. Rather, the high-IQ raven is a messenger of very deep messages. In Poe’s case it was a message of implacability, Lenore is dead, deal with it. I myself have been dealing with this in a similar way since Rob Nanninga’s death in 2014 (and of course of many more beloved people and animals). And no, like Poe, I’m not pleased. Enter Constantia, and Constantia says, there’s also the White Raven. He’s coming now, in 2022 and says: “Yes, there is hope, Master Death can be defeated, we now look into that other world, contact with ‘deceased’ is possible, because they do exist, in a timeless or ‘ all-times-at once’ world. This will be a theme of a next blog, Rob Nanninga also gives suggestions for this.

But the White Raven says more: In this time of pandemics, climate disasters, and wars: “The New World stands in the doorway, folks, and whoever is not with me is against me and is to go overboard, for Peace wants to come, sorry, been warned long enough and had opportunities, next!” Well, everyone gets lots of opportunities, but now we really need to show some more white peace feathers, something like that.

I asked Mayumi Acosta to photograph myself in two settings, one with and as the Black Raven, one with and as the White Raven. Master Mayumi was ravenous.

When the desert sun has passed horizon's final light
And darkness takes it's place...
We will pause to take our rest.
Sharing songs of love,
Tales of tragedy.

The souls of heaven
Are stars at night.
They will guide us on our way,
Until we meet again
Another day.
When a poet sings the song and all are hypnotized,
Enchanted by the sound...
We will mark the time as one,
Tandem in the sun.
The rhythm of a hymn.

The souls of heaven
Are stars at night.
They will guide us on our way,
Until we meet again
Another day.
When the dawn has come
Sing the song,
All day long.

We will move as one,
Bear the load
On the road.

The souls of heaven
Turn to stars
Every single night
All across the sky...
They shine.