Persian Medium, PI, Dr. Fia Johansson and the Maddie McCann case

Screenshot Fia Johansson account Instagram Stories

Blog updated on March 14 and March 16, 2023. Look in the paragraphs about her “co-authorship” with Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy.
Update March 17, 2023: The intrepid medium has blocked me on Instagram. You are now my eyes and ears.

Update March 20, 2023. Inquiries at Stockholm University, specifically Marina Gorlyakova, Senior Administrative Assistant at Examen/Academic Records Unit/Student Services, revealed that Johansson did not complete a master’s degree in psychology there. The combination of name, date of birth and aliases yielded no results. See also the relevant paragraph in my blog below.

Press release Persian Medium, an Instagram influencer with 9.5 million followers, has been exposed for falsely claiming to have a Master’s degree in psychology from Stockholm University. This revelation comes amid her involvement in the Maddie McCann case, where a woman claiming to be the missing child has sought her help. Stockholm University has confirmed that Persian Medium is not in their system and has no record of her obtaining a Master’s degree from their institution. We urge the public to be cautious of false claims made by influencers, especially when it comes to matters of mental health and psychology. Our hope is that this exposure will hold Persian Medium accountable for her misleading claims and prevent further harm to those who seek help and guidance.

Update March 28/29, 2023. Fia Johansson and Julia were guests on the Dr. Phil show on March 27, 2023. It did not turn out to be a triumph for both women. They were questioned very skeptically by Dr. Phil. Some screenshots to give an impression:

Dr. Phil cornered Julia at the end of the interview. See for yourself on YouTube:

Update March 30, 2023. After the publication of my blog, Fia Johansson significantly changed her website, or rather slimmed it down. All blogs as well as media page(s) are gone. Therefore, I have added some screenshots from weeks ago and, where applicable, added a link to Internet Archive.

Fia Johansson said at the beginning of an interview with Jack Canfield: “Never be afraid to show off.” But of course, you can also overdo it…:

It’s 2023, but does Madeleine McCann, who disappeared in 2007, still breathe? My interest was piqued when investigative colleague Martijn Mastenbroek brought up the renewed attention for the Maddie McCann case in his Instagram stories. A certain Julia Wendell, also known as Julia Wendlet, Julia Wandelt, and Julia Faustyna (she’s definitely a woman with many names), has been very active since February 2023 in creating a hundred Instagram profiles claiming that she is, or thinks she is, Madeleine McCann. Julia apparently has a similar eye condition as McCann, a coloboma on her right eye in the same place.

Some time later, “Persian medium” Fia Johansson also began to share fiery Julia-Maddie Instagram stories. Mastenbroek was naturally excited, thinking that this might be a real breakthrough, one that is still hoped for in the 2005 Natalee Holloway disappearance case. However, it turns out that this was not the case. Initially, it was reported in the media that Maddie’s parents had agreed to a DNA comparison, but soon it became apparent, as seen in current reports, for example, here, here, and here, that Maddie’s parents want nothing to do with Julia. Their private investigator apparently did some research and advised them not to pursue it. However, despite this, the Julia-Fia duo believes that there is still much more to be said on the matter, but they agree that one should always keep an open mind. Therefore, they have come to the conclusion that it also can’t be ruled out that Julia’s real name might actually be that of the also missing Livia Schepp!

So, enter Fia Johansson. Although she claims to be a very famous medium, active private investigator, doctor of psychology, established actress, best-selling author, and successful business entrepreneur on all platforms, there are considerable objections to her record of service. Regarding my own motives for writing this blog: I am interested when someone with great traction, public appeal, like Dutch self-proclaimed medium Robbert van den Broeke, attracts public attention and makes strong claims. I have analyzed him extensively elsewhere on this site and despite everything, he still performs well with the audience. For similar reasons, I am also interested in Fia Johansson, who claims to be a large and sought-after medium.

Who is Fia Johansson? She appears to have had a very eventful life. At the age of fourteen, she came to Sweden from Iran, where she met her current husband. Together, they moved to the United States. I have not researched this part of her biography any further. Johansson apparently has two public LinkedIn accounts, but when you compare the two “fields of experience,” it seems like they belong to two different people, but it is actually the same Fia Johansson. Johansson has apparently built a versatile career, keeping some things strictly separate and others not. It is mainly her self-proclaimed “paranormal psychic” medium abilities and (as of yet) unrecognized “natural healing” methods that caught my attention. I quote Johansson literally from her website: “As a psychic detective, my work assists in investigating crimes by using paranormal psychic abilities. Examples have included post cognition (the paranormal perception of the past), psychometric (information psychically gained from objects), telepathy, dowsing, clairvoyance, and remote viewing. In murder cases, psychic detectives may purport to be in communication with the spirits of the murder victims.” She also offers Reiki, optionally combined with hypnotherapy, and hosts a medium-psychic radio show three times a week. She offers a “revolutionary” weight-loss method called the Pentagon technique.

Going into a trance is also not unfamiliar to her; she claims to have made contact with the spirit of Jim Morrison (link to internet archive here), which also tapped into her artistic talents.

She definitely does not see her gift as an unqualified pleasure; the spirits are quite demanding, and she cannot and will not ignore them, as she even gets physically uncomfortable if she does.

In this blog, I will examine in more detail some of her most praised qualifications, also by herself.

In February 2023, it turned out that Johansson had taken Julia under her wing and even flown to Poland to address everything up close. Johansson had “picked up” Julia and brought her along to her luxury palace in Laguna Hills, California. Many stories appeared and continue to appear on the Persian “medium’s” Instagram account, featuring a friendly and seemingly shy smiling woman as the new main subject alongside the celebrated medium – a Polish woman named Julia Wendell, with long, tousled blonde hair, a sturdy build, a large cup size and definitely not someone you would quickly overlook, singing and playing behind the piano with skill. According to Fia, Julia had received both a lot of support and death threats, which I myself have not further investigated, but which I am happy to believe, as sudden fame always brings with it sudden love and sudden hate. Julia was also quickly taken by Johansson to the Laguna Hills gym to work on a healthy lifestyle and better PR appearance (possibly also through the aforementioned Pentagon technique).

Fia, who had already made very accurate predictions before, at least according to herself, namely that Maddie was still alive and living in Cologne, Germany, with people with a very ordinary name, insisted that the Polish Julia is Maddie and if not, she would help her in the search for her true identity.

Such matters are usually easily verifiable with birth certificates and parental statements, and Julia’s family did indeed respond with a statement that none of what Julia is now claiming is true, and that they are the true family of Julia. They also stated that Julia was struggling mentally in various ways, but refused any help, despite her desire to become famous through singing and playing. They are concerned about what will happen now that she has the attention of millions worldwide, but in the wrong way. Dark clouds above the authenticity of Julia’s Maddie claim began to emerge immediately.

My focus, however, is not on Julia Wendell, or whatever her real name may be, but on the self-proclaimed all-round superstar Fia Johansson. Initially, my search yielded the familiar disappointments that I have often encountered with “paranormal mediums.” Furthermore, I decided to take a look at one of America’s well-known background search sites, and I chose Although these background sites can only be used for a fee, they often provide surprisingly accurate information and details, as they draw directly from the databases of various official agencies. This is entirely legal in America. Through this site, I was able to find information about Johansson’s real business life, the company she and her husband work for, as well as her second aka name, which is not easily discoverable through the usual Google search results, Fia E. Let me go through some of Fia’s claims one by one.

Dr. Fia Johansson“. I emailed the University of Stockholm to inquire if it is true that Johansson has a Master’s degree in Psychology. This is stated on her LinkedIn and is also constantly repeated by her everywhere. I have been referred through the press department to another person there and will keep you informed.

Update March 20, 2023. Inquiries at Stockholm University, specifically Marina Gorlyakova, Senior Administrative Assistant at Examen/Academic Records Unit/Student Services, revealed that Johansson did not complete a master’s degree in psychology there. The combination of name, date of birth and alias yielded no results.:

“Established actress and film producer Fia Johansson.” The wildly enthusiastic biography on Mdb is written by Johansson herself. She appears to have played a supporting role in two films. One film, “American Sicaro“, has an audience score of 44% on Mdb and has no official review on Rotten Tomatoes. The other film, “Don’t Suck“, has no scores at all. Regarding her listing as a “film producer” on Mdb, there are only two titles partially credited to her name. Besides “American Sicaro,” where she was one of twenty-eight co-producers, there is also the short film “The Game Masters,” where she was one of three producers.

“Bestselling author Fia Johansson”. She mentions three “bestselling” books herself. A search on Amazon shows that one book is certainly not a bestseller, with only ten public reviews and an average score of 2.7. The other two books do exist, but without her seemingly exclusive co-authorship with the famous other author and are also not bestsellers. I will provide you with photos from both her own website and from Amazon. The photos on her own website do not include any clickable links, which in my opinion already suggests a possible deception. There is a short interview of her with Jack Canfield, but in my impression, this interview is empty and possibly an orchestrated paid promotion by Johansson herself. Canfield simply lets her tell who she thinks she is, without any critical questions. I think that it is possible for famous authors and speakers to have a silent, possibly paid agreement with less-known people to let them ride on the coattails of the other’s name. To investigate this further, I would have to dig deeper and contact the mentioned authors Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy.

The book “Success Strategies” according to Johansson’s own website:

The book “Success Strategies” according to Johansson’s Instagram: It is clear to me that something strange is going on with the displayed cover. On the back, there is an unusual reference to only one of the claimed authors (Johansson) and also contact methods for Johansson that publishers would not normally put on the back cover:

The book “Success Strategies” according to Amazon. It turns out that Johansson is not a co-author of the book, but has contributed one chapter alongside thirteen other authors:

Update March 14, 2023. This relative conundrum has been solved. Johansson shared an Instagram story on March 14, 2023 about her book, which revealed to me that each participating author (14 in total in this case) gets their own edition of the book, resulting in different covers depending on the author. In my opinion, this makes the book less credible because it lacks a cohesive visual identity and simply comes across as a collection of marketing pieces, similar to a promotional brochure.

The book “Thinking Big” according to Johansson’s own website:

The book “Thinking Big” according to Amazon. There is, at least on Amazon, nothing to indicate that she is (the only?) co-author here:

Update March 16, 2023. On March 16, 2023, Fia Johansson shared another Instagram story showcasing the book “Think(ing) Big”. Similar to the book “Success Strategies,” the cover of the book obviously varies depending on the participating author who’s presenting “his/her” book with Canfield and/or Tracy.

On the same day, she showed that she is not an exclusive co-author, but one of the group for both books. I find the approach she takes towards her Instagram followers (the last three screenshots in this series), quite curious:

“Famous medium Fia Johansson.” Despite being mainly claimed by herself and in interviews, and eagerly recounted in various sources about her successes at Scotland Yard, Hollywood celebrities seeking her advice on various matters, claimed police assistance in missing persons cases, and more specific examples, I cannot find any clear evidence to support these activities. Johansson herself claims to have a confidentiality obligation and even suggests that her life would be in danger if she were to disclose information.

It is also unclear to me why she still presents her own Maddie McCann story, in which she claims that Maddie is living in Germany, as a success story on her website and YouTube channel, even though she has now come up with a Polish version of ‘Maddie McCann’. I am also surprised that the American mainstream media does not seem to fact-check Johansson’s story, as evidenced by sentences such as “I know you have celebrity clients” from the CBC lady and the uncritical repetition of Johansson’s claim that she has solved more than 20 missing persons or criminal (cold) cases.

In the following clip, although it appears that Johansson is doing some household chores, she is actually cleaning a shop from bad energies. The clip ends with a real cliffhanger, so consider yourself warned:

There is some information about Johansson as a medium on the internet, such as a compelling story about her “impossible knowledge” of a man whose teenage son was in danger, but the man didn’t even know he had a son. The problem is that these stories cannot be verified and therefore remain anecdotal. Another “celebrated” case of her mediumship would be a missing pilot. On her own channel, the relevant news broadcast, which has been edited, is featured, and it is claimed that she led the search, “Led by Persian Medium,” as well as the fact that the pilot’s family offered a reward of $250,000 for the decisive tip. However, the clip ends with the somewhat unpromising line that there are conditions for receiving the tip money, which suggests that “medium” Johansson did not receive it (otherwise she would have reported it?).

According to her own account, she played a decisive role in the release of hip-hop artist Jamal Trulove.

“Private Investigator Fia Johansson”. Fia Johansson worked as a private investigator in Texas for two years. Although her license is still valid – it was issued on March 25, 2020 and is valid until March 25, 2024 – the Texas government explicitly states that a private investigator must be affiliated with an accredited agency, otherwise he/she is not allowed to practice the profession. However, after two years of service, Johansson was dissolved or fired on March 25, 2022 by the accredited agency “Your Eye Investigations” and is therefore no longer officially a working private investigator. In California, where she currently resides, she is not registered as a private investigator at all. On her website, she calls herself a leader of psychic detectives, but the US government does not recognize badges for this type of detective. There is of course a vast difference between the words “psychic investigator” and “private investigator”.

“Successful businesswoman Fia Johansson”. But is there nothing really robust and immediately true? I googled the psychic advice website she operates and there, she appears to have 51K, as in 51 thousand, 5-star reviews! All the reviews, of which only 13 pages are available (you don’t have to be Marie Curie to realize that this is not 51K reviews), even those with a critical tone, all have a cheering five-star rating. That this is her own website, and she has complete control, well, that’s just grist to the mill for those who nitpick. You can hire her for $35 per minute or $2500 per hour.

Well, and if you don’t need paranormal or psychic advice, or you can’t or don’t want to pay for it, then you can always go for the lingerie set through her Instagram.

Via her other LinkedIn account (and, I found the company where she and her husband work. “Fia Johansson marketing and communications consultant, [+ Company Name].” It seems unnecessary to say more about it, and you can also Google it yourself.

On a personal note, I would like to conclude by saying that I have a lot of respect for the perseverance of this originally Persian woman, who apparently left for Stockholm alone at the age of fourteen and eventually ended up among the rich and famous in Hollywood. However, I have less respect for the fact that the truth has been and continues to be violated to a greater or lesser degree regularly to achieve this.

“Surreal Photographs Imagine Buildings as Only Their Facades” – Screenshot:


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