Joran van der Sloot, cornered again, coronavirus!

As loyal visitors to my website know, I have been working on the Hoeven “spiritual medium” Robbert van den Broeke (born 1980) case since 2005. Maybe you remember the Genverbrander case? Right, that was the blunder of the “medium” from Hoeven and “Genverbrander” even made it to Dutch Word of the Year 2005. In 2012 Stan Pluijmen (born 1989) joined this story. Pluijmen was for a long time the best friend of Van den Broeke, but also of Joran van der Sloot (born 1987). Stan Pluijmen has told me this year, 2020, that he broke up with both Van den Broeke and Van der Sloot, which of course does not mean that no new things will be added.

And it shows, now that according to international reports Van der Sloot has contracted the dreaded coronavirus under the extremely unsanitary conditions in the prison in Peru. Stan Pluijmen has given Joran van der Sloot a lot of money in the past, that information also came to me via Stan and then in the public domain. Furthermore, Stan Pluijmen kept hammering on the location he suggested of the alleged remains of Natalee Holloway: grave number 15 in the St. Anna cemetery in Aruba. There are a striking number of meanders in this complex story.

Meanders, courtesy Robert Hodgin

Stan also sent me this clip exclusively, so it can be said that a lot of material came to me through Stan and then in the general press:

As said, Stan Pluijmen started emailing me in 2012, so Stan also sent and sends me authentic Joran van der Sloot photos, information about his finances (Stan said he sent that to me accidentally), and all kinds of other information, I even got two clips (clip1, clip 2) of Joran van der Sloot’s wife, Leydi Figueroa Uceda. That turned out to be orchestrated by Stan as “practical joke”, but the clips are authentic. I don’t know Joran van der Sloot and his (ex?) wife, only through Stan. The reason I added “ex” to “wife” is because I heard through Van den Broeke-Pluijmen that Joran and Leydi had split up, but I cannot find any official status about this.

That is how I got dragged along, and Stan continues to email me. I may and probably will follow up in a follow-up section on this site. From now on I will publish the material I receive in this case directly and first on this site. In the past, it mainly went through my Twitter account. Indeed, I was recently called a “journalist” by a “fellow” journalist, and yes, perhaps it is time to face this fact.

Successively I receive the following from Stan:

  • Received July 23, 2020: Screenshot of text message in which family of Leydi asks Stan Pluijmen for help because Joran van der Sloot is said to have coronavirus; usually this means aid in the form of money
  • Received July 27, 2020: Medical prescription Joran van der Sloot, medicines he gets now that he allegedly has the coronavirus
  • Received July 27, 2020: A photo of a kind of altar that Leydi made for her (ex) husband Joran van der Sloot
Screenshot text message Carol Figueroa to Stan Pluijmen
Screenshot text message Carol Figueroa to Stan Pluijmen
Joran van der Sloot "Corona virus medical prescription"
Joran van der Sloot “Corona virus medical prescription”

Googling these medical terms shows that the first two are indeed associated with Corona virus experimental treatment:




Leydi Figueroa "altar" for Joran van der Sloot
Leydi Figueroa “altar” for Joran van der Sloot

Some links Stan sent, one of which I already received from someone else:

Press notification in Peru
Press notification in Peru
Notifications in Peru, press translate while visiting link
Notifications in Peru, press translate while visiting link

This information may be reproduced by expressly mentioning this website and my name, so like this, or similar:

Source: Constantia Oomen via Parameter WordPress.

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