Darkwood’s Nest – English

October 10, 2022, Hermannstraße 4, Dresden
October 11, 2022, Hermannstraße 4, Dresden.

NB: Henryk gave me the blue jacket with the star on the sleeve, but I lost it in the extreme hectic pace of the return to Davis in the immediate vicinity of the Baggage Claim at San Francisco Airport. I tried “Lost Items” to no avail. This jacket is completely unique, a corporate gift, and the star was appliquéd on it by Henryk because there was a small hole there. If anyone in California sees this jacket anywhere, please take action.

Note: Since this is now important for the content, about the name Henryk Vogel: “vogel” is both Dutch and German for “bird“. So you can in fact read: Henryk Bird, so compare the title bird’s nest, Darkwood’s Nest.

An update already on November 1, 2022.

A passerby on my blogs recognized the house and sent the following comment (gallery >)

Yes, in the basement of this house dwelt betraying evil in the form of the Stasi. Perhaps some form of evil still dwells there, and imo, the house should be combed thoroughly. Stasi successors and (neo) Nazis are still very active in 2022 and a real threat in and around Dresden. Please read for yourself, tip: Google Translate. Of course you don’t have to wait for me to do your own research.

The esteemed visitor of my blog sent even more valuable information:
“Hermannstraße 4 is a so-called individual monument.
The artist Carl Bantzer lived in it between 1904 and 1907, he was the successor of Gotthard Kuehl at the Academy of Fine Arts. Stasi and art Stasi and the economy

Update February 5, 2023: Unfortunately, I have to revise my image of both Henryk Vogels. I thought that one was the dark one with the light dot and the other was the light one with the dark dot. Through months of observation after my return from Dresden, with an open vision and without being anonymous, I have discovered that this is not the case. I think that both “cosmic twin brothers” are comparable in terms of darkness grade/-distribution because there are still many more similarities between them. I would like to explain more, but as long as I do not have the means and opportunities to further investigate, I see no point in it. So I draw a line under it here and leave it up to the Cosmos.

End updates, start blog.

Driven enormously by the loneliness of the pandemic, I have been actively searching since 2020: is there still a soul mate of Rob Nanninga and me on the earth? This quest brought me through an inimitable cosmic trick not to one, but to two Henryk Vogels in the Dresden area. This is preceded by a very strange cosmic twist, please read my first Darkwood blog from February 2022. Specifically, I departed from Davis on September 30, 2022 and arrived in Dresden on October 1, 2022. On October 16, 2022 I left Dresden in very rumbling physical health (no Corona), caused by the humid European climate unknown to me for eleven years, to fly home. I had not returned to Europe since my emigration in October 2011!

So I had 16 days available for Henryk Vogel in Dresden and the surrounding area, and we mainly spent that time in the immense National Park Sächsische Schweiz. It was explicitly not German Folk music singer Darkwoods Henryk Vogel, Mr. Dark. Henryk and I had even been to the Czech Republic for a while.

In week two I was there, Henryk had his job again, as he couldn’t take two full weeks of vacation. With his house in the middle of nowhere just outside Dresden, he decided and expressed, and he alone, that I had better stay a few days in Dresden city. For my amusement. Since my eldest sister had already sent her new book to Pension Abenrot in Dresden in November 2021 due to shipping costs savings, where I had said that I would stay, and I also picked it up this second October week in Dresden, in 2022, I decided after all, almost a year after the planned date, to settle down with the sweet lady of Pension Abendrot. This guest house is a stone’s throw from Darkwood’s home, Hermannstraße 4. I had planned a stay at this particular guest house at the end of my turbid Darkwood year, in November 2021, when I finally tossed the intense pink glasses with which I used to look at Mr. Dark and the Folk Group Darkwood. I wanted to see this house with my own eyes, because my repeated mail there had never arrived and Mr. Dark gave no explanation for this, even after repeated questions by email and Facebook Messenger.

The fact that Henryk suddenly came up with the fact that because of his work it was better for me to spend a few days alone in Dresden city, downtown, and I had little choice but to go along with it, proves that I had really let go of the whole Darkwood thing and I never even intended to visit the Hermannstraße 4 house in 2022 let alone stay at the Pension Abendrot. But the Kosmos, through Henryk of all people, had other ideas about that. More in the spirit of, “Now you’re here, and now you’re going to finish it too, Constantia.”

In the afternoon of 9 October, Henryk took me there and I settled in the two very comfortable and clean rooms of Pension Abendrot. The next afternoon, October 10, 2022, I walked to the said house and started taking some pictures. The gate was open, but I stood neatly in the street. After maybe five minutes at the most, I suddenly saw movement at the very dated, semi-transparent entrance hall of the house. I looked on in amazement, huh? I had already noticed that Henryk, who had briefly taken a look for me in autumn 2021, and said that nobody lived there, had not seen that correctly, this house was indeed inhabited. For example, I saw an open window, and this house generally assumed that someone was here. And indeed. A very small man of stature, I estimate possibly between 4’95”-5’25”, 1 meter fifty-sixty centimeters, elderly, was stooping in the semi-transparent hall. I suspect he was putting on his shoes. The door now opened completely and the little man came out. I was now filming a bit, but felt no need for a confrontation and walked away with a firm step, looking back twice. The first time I heard his footsteps and quickly walked on. Only at the end of the street did I stop again and quickly looked back. And yes, there was the little man at the gate of that house, looking at me with what I felt threatening look. Had Mr.-Hermannstraße-4 supervisor seen me photograph and did he want to come and get a story?

I returned to the guest house and thought briefly about this development. I could act like a frightened bird now and leave it at this once, but I thought, “Basta, Mr. Dark and associates let me spill all my personal and illustrated outpourings and facts via Facebook and also via email without warning me that it was not a private setting, let me fill the Darkwood Twitter account for a year with so much love and devotion, as I constantly emailed them and sent updates, and only after exactly a year gave me an ice cold response via email full of thinly veiled hatred. Their biggest fan! Obviously I’m not a fan anymore! No, I had no reason to tackle them with velvet gloves. I would return the next day, and now, instead of taking pictures, film the house, even if the little man came out again. And this time I wouldn’t walk away.

No sooner said than done. With freshly washed coiffure and ditto determination I walked back to the house the next day. This time I particularly noticed the bird’s nest, which is curiously draped on a stone wall right at the entrance of the garden of the Darkwood house. The average person would think, “Means nothing”, but I analyzed the Darkwood Folk group and Mr. Dark intensively for a year via my Darkwood Twitter account, intensively listened to all their songs that are full of symbols and deep meanings and illustrated them via tweets. A dilapidated birdhouse was also attached to the house. This nest told me: “This is how the Darkwood Nest is announced”. The house has an extreme maintenance backlog and what is, for example, in the dark basement that has many skylights lined with cast iron bars? I think there is something sinister going on here. I wrote in my earlier blog about the “Nazi house and Nazi money” dream I had about Hermannstraße 4.

We sank our guilt, we sank our crimes,” sings Mr. Dark in “Nothing Left to Lose”, and a new YouTube clip of their hand was added in July 2021, in which the viewer can see that suggested blood smears are brought into the image. Where does dark Dagger music come from? Mr. Dark is literally brandishing a dagger, sword during his concerts. Well, I meant Dark Folk music. Is it just a coincidence, or is there something preceding it? Why does Mr. Dark so often sing melancholically about guilt and penance, about heroism and martyrdom? Where do the ever-dark, black-and-white photos on his Instagram and Facebook come from?

I return to my 16 days with Henryk Vogel. I got to know this other Henryk well, we went out and did all kinds of activities. It has always been in the back of my mind that this is all a cosmic matter, and I remind pseudo skeptics who immediately think this is all nonsense that they don’t need to read this. These two Henryk Vogels are cosmic twins in my opinion. And I don’t even mean this in a vague way, I think there are laws of physics a la quantum entanglement of connected pairs at a distance. You could call them “Soulmates” or maybe “family couples or groups”. I see the two Henryk Vogels as in a yin yang unity, one light with a dark dot, the other dark with a bright dot. There may even be a genetic connection between the two, which neither of them want to know about. But I will not let anyone deprive me of my right to write what I observe.

In my current understanding, the soulmates idea is much broader than the perception that each person would have only one soulmate. I am now thinking of ‘soulmate groups’. What Rob Nanninga and I have, I see as a fully blossomed, unique soulmateship. This was already in development during Rob’s physical life and has fully arisen after Rob’s transition in 2014. Just him and me, a sparkling, fiery soulmate couple, and the cuddly lions that symbolize him. For me Rob will always be the soulmate. I capture all Rob Nanninga related developments under the umbrella of Magical Realism.

Enough things indicate that Henryk and I are indeed in a ‘soulmate group’. Which does not mean that it is a ‘match’ in this life for now. I’ll just mention a few rather playful examples here (and I already gave a heavier lead in the previous Darkwood blog). It turned out to my great pleasure that Henryk’s wardrobe was full of t-shirts, hip and cool jackets and ditto sweaters that all fit me and looked great. Same taste, same size! This was really a mecca for me, I could just almost inexhaustibly dive into his wardrobe and be assured of cool clothes. His specific products for blond hair from Guhl and Schwarzkopf were also an immediate hit. These were the things I had used exactly when I was still living in the Netherlands. He also turned out to be a face mask, skin pampering enthusiast just like me. And so we walked once and his right lace turned out to be loose. He stopped to tie it and then said that my right lace was also untied. Surprised, I looked down to the right. Yes, also loose.

Henryk said things. He, the man who always says he swears by the light and doesn’t want to know anything about the dark, said a few times things that I found very curious, it was humor, but remarkably dark and horrific, and one thing in particular immediately struck me as a bomb. Once we drove past a lake, swamp, and Henryk joked that he weighed down corpses in this lake, lowered them and thus hid them. I thought, “What are you telling me?! Where the hell is this coming from?” And soon I thought, believe me, quite unwittingly of Mr. Dark, his Instagram photos and YouTube clip of Ghost Lake and his dark songs about “We sank our guilt, we sank our crimes”, about committing suicide by the river, etc.. I know all those lyrics by heart!

And also in a previous Darkwood blog I already mentioned the fact that Henryk had said “Mehr Schein als Sein, “More appearances than reality” while he was specifically talking about Darkwood and he had explicitly not taken any notice of those songs, because he wants nothing to do with it. But this phrase is literally sung by Mr. Dark in one of his songs. Enter the cosmic alert, something huge is going on here. The one twin entirely unintentionally utters literal sentences, but also events, or, how to put it legally safe, thoughts and memories, whether or not fictitious, of events of the other twin? Science has so often researched puzzling twin connections that really look a lot like telepathy, but in my opinion could have something to do with something like quantum entanglement. Enter Henryk Vogel and Henryk Vogel.

Both with very clear and powerful voices, same haircut choice, about the same age, ditto build and height, blond hair, blue eyes, both living in Saxony, in or on the outskirts of Dresden, both incredible perfectionists (what may cause a feeling of coldness and impossibility to achieve that perfection among loved ones), Einzelgänger and know-it-alls, both enormous nature people, enormously strong hikers/walkers, the one with a socially active job, but at the same time remarkably unwilling to provide a social, personal and traceable profile to the outside world. the other a well-known Folk singer, but only socially in the very close environment and also extremely unwilling, even to the absurd, yes, here I am talking about Mr. Dark, to release a personal profile about himself. This is well known in Folk circles, Mr. Dark is a most extreme form of private person, and refuses to pronounce even one syllable about his personal life. Oh yes, I see a lot of threads running here, real threads. So I recommend a Dresden, Sachsen Cold Case? team explicitly to ask Mr. Dark why he sings so often about guilt and crime and even draws blood smears in his recent clip. And maybe casually mention Ghost Lake. And I also recommend combing the Hermanstrasse 4 house from basement to top. The little man just has to allow it. And yes, I take all responsibility for these sentences. I am asking for the time being, I am not stating as facts. After all, the story can also go further than Mr. Dark himself, perhaps defecting to his parents and grandparents. Innocent until proven otherwise.

Curiosity. In the morning of October 29, 2022, I briefly dreamed about Robbert van den Broeke. We were outside, camping-like environment. He sat diagonally to my left and to my surprise inquired in good German about my upcoming Darkwood blog, showing that he was eager to read it. I was surprised and also answered him in German (both Dutch, at least me until 2017). I said, “Yeah, I took pictures too… how did you learn German so well, “von Dir” (through yourself, autonomously)?” He answered calmly and not at all as I know him, I don’t remember exactly what he said, but again it sounded completely authentic, native speaker level German. Reincarnation anybody? Or what?

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